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Blue Cruise is the unique experience holiday with high service standarts and with all the facilities which make you feel in paradise in the Mediterranean coasts. It is time to relax, enjoy with your friends and family and forget the rest what you have during your regular life. It is the time to be with yourself and that’s why as Yacht for VIP Yachting we offer you the best options to make your dreams true.

Day 1: Marmaris

The boarding starts at 3:30 p.m. from Marmaris Port. On the first day, the service starts on the boat with dinner and overnight stay will be in Marmaris Port or small bay. Marmaris, which was built upon the antique Karian city; Phyckos has been under the governorship of many different civilisations. The most valuable work-piece that you will see today is Marmaris Castle dating from 1577. There is also a mosque and an 8-room caravansary covered with arches from the Ottoman Period. The ruins of the Antique times lie on Asar Hill; a short hill located on the northern side of the city. Being one of the best-known touristic places of Turkey Marmaris also has a large marina.

Day 2: Ekincik Gulf – Dalyan

Cruise will start with Ekincik Gulf. If you want, you may join our optional Dalyan Tour from here. In this tour you will enjoy the natural beauty of the delta as you pass along by the river boat called Piyade. Finally, you will arrive in Dalyan which is a Karian City known to be founded by Miletos’ son. Besides its ancient value with its Rock Tombs, Akropol Castle, Ancient Theater and Basilica complex, Dalyan is also well-known for its natural beauty with Caretta- Caretta (İztuzu) Beach. Following a rejuvenating Mud Bath, the final destination of the day will be Turtle Beach. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Gulf of Ekincik.

Day 3: Tersane Adası – Manastir – Kizilada

Because of wavy capes, Dişibilmez and Kurtoğlu, that we have to cross place, we will set sail earlier than the other days and reach the famous Fethiye Bay. We will anchor near Tershane Island for breakfast. This naturally protected bay, which is used as a harbour at present, was used as shipyards in Byzantine and Ottoman times. For lunch and a swimming break we will go to Manastır Bay. This place is also known as Cleopatra Bay or Sunken Bath Bay due to the beautiful underwater ruins of a bath. By the end of the day we will have anchored at Kızıl Burun for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: Fethiye

On the fourth day of our cruise we will arrive in Fethiye Harbour. Fethiye, which was known as Telmessos in the ancient times, was the most important city situated on Lykia’s western border with Karia. It is believed that that the city’s name came from Apollon’s son Telmessos. As the name suggests the city was the city of light and was famous for its prophets. Fethiye stretches out in a half circle along the bay protected by 12 Islands. You can visit the city center or you can join our optional tours to Olu Deniz and Saklikent. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Fethiye harbor.

Day 5: Gocek Adası – Yassica Adalari

After the breakfast, we will be visiting uniquely beautiful islands and finally hoist near Gocek island. Following lunch and a swimming break we will sail to Yassıca islands to spend the night and cherish the wonderful scenery.

Day 6: Bedri Rahmi Bay – Domuz Adasi – Aga Limani

After the breakfast we will set sail to Bedri Rahmi Bay. Bedri Rahmi is a famous Turkish artist who made one of the first Blue Cruises in Turkey. Following his visit, the bay was named after him. We will go to Domuz Island for a swim and anchor in Ağa Harbour for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Kadirga – Turunc Koyu – Cennet Adasi

Marmaris Today, we will set sail to Kadırga Bay early in the morning. Lunch and swimming break will be in Kadırga Bay. After the lunch we will going to Turunc Bay and Cennet Island for swimming break. Overnight stay will be in Marmaris Harbour or in a small bay. Guests wishing to see more of Marmaris are recommended to go to the city center and experience the lovely night life.